General Care of Antique Jewelry

All fine jewelry should be cared for properly, especially vintage and antique pieces. Due to their age, many antique and vintage pieces can be more delicate and fragile than modern jewelry. Many of our pieces were hand made by skilled craftsmen over 100 years ago and because of this, they should be worn gently. Proper care of your jewelry will allow you to wear it happily while reducing the risk of damage.

Please always remove your jewelry when:

• Exercising, or doing any strenuous activity
• Showering, bathing, swimming, or washing hands
• Gardening or working with tools
• Cleaning, cooking, or doing dishes
• Sleeping
• In addition, please avoid subjecting your jewelry to potential high impact or pressure. Although gemstones and metal are very hard materials, it is always possible to chip, scuff, lose, or crack the setting/stones if you accidentally hit it in the wrong place or angle.