All gemstones are examined by an expert, a gemologist, or both. All metals are tested for content. Unless otherwise stated, diamonds are examined in the settings, hence the color and clarity grading done to the GIA standard is approximate. Additionally, most gem weights, as determined by measurement in the settings, are also approximate. These approximations represent our expert’s best, most accurate determinations. It will be stated when stones have been certified or examined out of the settings.

Colored stones, such as corundum or aquamarine, which are commonly and historically subjected to heat treatment, are assumed to have had this stable treatment. Estimates of age, authenticity, classification of decorative period, or identification of country of origin are made using our reference library, by consulting other experts, and according to our extensive experience. These estimates represent informed opinions.
If for any reason you are unhappy with our analysis of your piece, simply return it within the grace period. You are always invited to call us at (610) 933-3833 and speak to us directly if you have questions or concerns.